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Take Care Using Bleach

You MUST take care using bleach with other cleaning chemicals! I will start by stating that bleach has its purposes. It’s used in the laundry to whiten clothes and remove stains. It also removes mold and mildew, clean toilets and sanitize things such as cutting boards, etc. The point is that bleach has positive applications…

The Cleaning Closet

This article is the second in the series “The Ultimate Cleaning Guide” and in it I will discuss the cleaning closet, also known as “no man’s land” or if I am to be politically correct “no person’s land”. This is a place where everything collects, is usually never cleaned and nothing gets thrown out. Every…

The Ultimate Cleaning Guide

Over the past year alone I have visited countless offices throughout the Twin Cities area and written more quotes for commercial cleaning than I could ever imagine. So, I decided to write a series of articles named The “Ultimate Cleaning Guide”.  I have written the series for businesses that either can’t afford commercial cleaning services…