GMG Disinfecting Services

Manual & ULV Machine Disinfection for COVID-19
keeping you, your employees and your clients safe

Manual Disinfecting Process

Manual Disinfectant Application

After cleaning, disinfectant is applied using spray bottles and color coded microfiber cloths to frequently touched areas such as:
– Entryways, door handles and push-plates
– Light switches & power outlets
– Handrails
– Countertops & drinking fountains
– Elevator buttons
– Restroom dispensers and faucets
– Phones, keyboards, etc.

ULV Machine Disinfecting Process

Disinfectant fogging machineAfter cleaning, disinfectant is dispersed to all areas and surfaces using a ULV “fogging” machine to produce an extremely fine mist that spreads through a far greater area.

This ensures maximum results because the disinfectant fog reaches and adheres to every surface that it comes into contact with, destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi.

This is the only recommended method of disinfection for facilities that have suspected contamination or exposure to coronavirus.

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