GMG Services

GMG services provides a holistic facilities management service that is far superior to any other.  Here are some of the services that we provide:

GMG ServicesCommercial Cleaning

No matter what size office space you have, GMG Services can handle the cleaning.  This means that we help you through all stages of your growth because we tackle any size job.  The key is that we adapt our cleaning style to meet your needs, so if you want trash emptied only when the container is more than half full, just let us know because we adapt our processes to your request.  It is YOUR office and you are in charge.  We clean it in the manner that suits you and in the most efficient way possible.

Home Cleaning  

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When you sell your home, you have to make it as appealing as possible so that it sells quickly.  It is no secret that  clean home sells faster.  Relax and let us do the cleaning for you.  Our floor-to-ceiling clean is customized to your needs and budget so that you can sit back and relax while we make you home sparkle.

GMG ServicesJanitorial

Whether its a factory or just heavy cleaning, we are prepared and ready to tackle even the toughest job.  You can relax because no matter how much traffic or how grubby the work area is, it will always be clean and ready for use according to your schedule.  You need to concentrate on what is important; running your business!  Don’t waste time doing things that don’t add to your bottom line because we’re here to help and this means that you have more time to focus on the what really matters.

GMG ServicesMaintenance

Cleaning your facility is just part of what we do, we maintain it as well.  GMG Services takes care of all aspects of building maintenance including HVAC plumbing, electrical and painting.  Don’t think that we only do the big jobs because we do the small ones as well.  This means that you can rely us to repaint your whole building, fix a door that isn’t closing properly or just to change a light switch.  Think of us as your “one-stop-shop” so that you can keep your business running while we keep your building running.

GMG Services Special Projects

As your facility starts to “tire & wear” there are many things that can be done to make it look better.  GMG Services is equipped to help you in this area.  Our specialists are trained in floor scrubbing, stripping, sealing and re-waxing.  Carpets and floor mats can be cleaned and revitalized.  Removing salt stains from floors after Winter, cleaning the grout in your bathrooms or getting the windows to sparkle are just a few of the tasks that we do very well and your clients will notice as well!  Let us give your building a new look by taking care of your special projects.

Flexibility and Communication

Flexibility and Communication are the 2 core principles that GMG Services abides by.  We are flexible enough to meet your needs, challenges and changes.  Our advantage is that we adapt with you so that we grow with you.  Don’t think of us as “working for you” but rather “working with you” to deliver what you need, when you need it.  This is done through communication.  We talk to you about our work and how to meet your needs all the time so that you are kept abreast of everything.  This means that we are always ahead of the game so that you have no surprises.