You MUST take care using bleach with other cleaning chemicals! I will start by stating that bleach has its purposes. It’s used in the laundry to whiten clothes and remove stains. It also removes mold and mildew, clean toilets and sanitize things such as cutting boards, etc. The point is that bleach has positive applications but you should NOT use it as a general cleaner.

Avoid using bleach as a cleaner

Every cleaning task has appropriate chemicals. Using the correct chemical according to the manufacturer’s instructions is the best strategy because it will achieve the desired results and minimize health risks. Don’t use bleach without knowing its limitations. Using bleach for general cleaning without understanding how it reacts with other chemicals may put you in danger. For example, mixing bleach with acids such as vinegar releases chlorine gas and mixing bleach with ammonia creates extremely dangerous and toxic fumes. Again, take care using bleach with other chemicals.  The problem is knowing WHERE the other chemicals exist.

The danger of mixing bleach with other cleaning chemicals

A family member in the north of Minnesota poured bleach into a blocked drain. The bleach reacted with remnants of a sulfuric acid drain cleaner, creating a chlorine gas that made it hard for residents to breathe. All family members required medical attention made a fully recovery.  However, the outcome could have been far worse! You can read the full story here: The Grand Forks Herald

Our advice

Use bleach ONLY for its designated applications. NEVER pour bleach down a drain! Doing so is dangerous because you may put yourself and the environment at risk.  We know what chemicals to use for every specific cleaning application and our cleaners are trained to use them. Bleach is not a chemical that we use for cleaning.  We strongly advise that you avoid using it for cleaning as well.

If you have any doubts or would like any advice please send me a message, email me at or phone me on 612-434-7303. We cover the entire Twin Cities area and we’re here to help.

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