The Importance of Deep Cleaning Carpets
in Commercial Properties


The Hard, Cold Facts of Winter

As we come to the end of Winter it is extremely important to clean carpets to ensure that winter debris and salt is removed before it permanently damages your investment. Salt residue builds up and hardens carpet. This means that if entryways and entry carpets are not cleaned, they will not remove dirt from shoes as a person enters. The dirt is then carried into other areas of the building, shortening the life of the carpet. 

Your Public Image
Now more than ever, portraying a clean image to your clients and visitors is of paramount importance. Since the onset of COVID-19, people are more aware of hygiene and the necessity for cleanliness. Two things that will keep clients and visitors from returning to your building are dirty restrooms and dirty carpets. People judge cleanliness by sight and smell. If your carpets look and smell clean, then your clients will (quite rightly) believe that they are clean.

Health Concerns
Carpets are always a health concern. People track dirt in from outside. They also are subject to accidental spillage/contamination by liquids and solids from animals and humans. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses live in carpets and breed if they are not treated and cleaned regularly. Medical institutions and aged care facilities are at high risk because the traffic level is high, and accidents always occur. Many people that use these facilities walk around in socks or slippers that are then removed and placed on chairs or other surfaces that become transmission areas for germs and bacteria.

It is important that carpets are cleaned correctly. There are many carpet cleaning companies that simply spray a solution on the carpet and then remove it by suction (vacuuming). This is the fastest and usually the cheapest option. However, this method removes the surface dirt, leaving the “deep” dirt trapped further down in the carpet fibers.

GMG Services pre-sprays the carpet with appropriate chemicals to activate and loosen dirt. We then use Tennant E5 machines that spray on an enzyme rinse to remove odors, the machine then scrubs, and finally vacuums the carpet to leave it clean and fresh. The carpet is ready to walk on in less than an hour.

To see the specifications and everything else the Tenant E5 is capable of, click here!

We use the best equipment and are meticulous with our process. However, we are not more expensive than others that provide an inferior service. We use the chemicals that are safe for use on commercial and residential nylon and stain resistant nylon, wool, and polypropylene carpets.We work to your schedule. We leave carpets smelling fresh and clean.



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